It seems strange to me that C# did not merit first class support. I am
sure that fact reflects the non-usage of .Net internally at google,
but once these three projects have put the effort into doing that
work, why not incorporate the best of those into this, the parent
project? I find the CLR and the JVM to be almost identical platforms
for which to write code -- the only significant and persistent
difference is that .Net is constantly at the short end of the stick in
terms of the number of implemented libraries, standards, oss projects.
Which is a non-trivial shortcoming all in all. I am not claiming that
the CLR ever had a technical, non-business reason to exist, but now
that it does exist...

On Feb 16, 4:23 pm, Kenton Varda <> wrote:
> There are three C# implementations of Protocol Buffers listed on the wiki:
> On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 12:51 PM, adeel <> wrote:
> > Is there any alternative of protocol buffers in
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