On Mar 2, 9:35 pm, Marc Gravell <marc.grav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm pretty happy with ongoing general maintenance, but with Jon
> working for Google, and it being a closer port of the existing
> implementations... I'd realistically expect things may be a little
> stacked in favour of that one.

I hope that working at Google wouldn't be a significant factor - but I
think the closeness of the port is. Basically it would mean that if
someone downloaded just the main distribution, they could use a very
similar API in C++, Java and C# (and Python? I don't know how close
the API is there).

In a similar vein, a change in Google's Java code currently prompts me
to change the C# code (I recently caught up in terms of
Message.toBuilder and nullity checks, for example).

There's one major blocker at the moment though: all my copies of the
Google test .proto files are decorated with the C# options. *At the
moment* that means the Java and C++ code would have to build the C#
options as well. I'm looking into adding something to the import
syntax so that an import could be marked as "options only" which would
mean that the types within it could only be used when applying options
(rather than defining fields) but the import wouldn't be in the list
of dependencies. At that point, the C# options could be applied
"harmlessly" in terms of the Java/C++. (If anyone has any better
suggestions for getting round this, I'm all ears.)

There's also the matter of working out how the C# port would end up
getting built - I currently use NAnt/MSBuild, and my make knowledge is
very limited. That's a relatively minor issue though.

In short, I don't think that integration would be appropriate right
now, but I'd be happy for it to happen some time in the future. I
think we'd have to work out what the tangible benefits and costs would
be though.

> Even if that comes to pass, I'll still maintain protobuf-net anyway,
> simply because it seems useful to a reasonable number of people ;-p

I'd be shocked and disappointed for you to say anything else :) We
must port my benchmark test to protobuf-net at some point...


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