It seems like you should be using
  CXXFLAGS=-I/my/install/path/include \
  LDFLAGS=-L/my/install/path/lib \

--with-libdir is fairly ambiguous with --libdir (a standard automake
option which defines where to put libraries, rather than where to look
for them).

Perhaps this seems sticklish, but I don't like adding nonstandard
features to my configure scripts...

- dave

On Mar 3, 1:33 am, Antony Dovgal <> wrote:
> Hello al.
> I'd like to submit a patch for protobuf-c.
> Not sure if this the right list, but this seems to be the only list related 
> to Protobuf, so here it goes.
> The patch is supposed to fix the build failure you get when Protocol Buffers
> are not installed or installed not in the default path:
>   In file included from google/protobuf/compiler/c/
>   ./google/protobuf/compiler/c/c_service.h:28:40: error: 
> google/protobuf/descriptor.h: No such file or directory
> This is done by checking for google/protobuf/descriptor.h in configure.
> You can also use --with-protobuf option to specify custom install prefix.
> The patch also adds --with-libdir option for users to be able to specify 
> libdir,
> which might differ on 32bit/64bit platforms.
> You can find the patch (against latest SVN) 
> here:
> Comments are welcome.
> --
> Wbr,
> Antony Dovgal
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