On Mar 4, 10:24 pm, David Anderson <d...@natulte.net> wrote:
> I think the major point to take away from the comparison is: use the
> correct tool for your needs. If you need backward/forward
> compatibility, heterogeneous versions of software interacting and some
> structural validation (just structure, not talking about the higher
> level semantics of fields), PB/Thrift is what you need. If you don't
> care about the above points, by all means use json (and don't forget
> to get your web server to gzip traffic).
> - Dave

I definitely agree!  I have been also been looking at this from
another angle:
Right now JSON is faster than protobuf (at least in python), but
protobuf produces smaller output.  Protobuf will only get faster, but
JSON can not get any smaller.  Looking forward, protobuf definitely
has an advantage.

- Justin
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