if you need anything which is yet not supported by the php version,
please let me know, i will add it for you


On 20 Mrz., 14:02, dvirsky <dvir...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm considering using protobuf for a client-server project where the
> client is c++, and the server isphpor python running on apache.
> I did a comparison of the unofficial and incompletephplibrary of
> protobuf, and the official python implementation.
> I expected them to be pretty much the same, perhaps with the python
> version being faster. I tested only serialization of very long
> messages (4-8kB), since this is what the server will do mostly.
> the results were that thephpversion is roughly 10 times faster than
> the python version (which was compiled optimized for speed). On my
> test,phpmanaged to serialize about 150 messages per second, and
> python about 15. running with psyco i got it up to 25 but it's still
> very slow.
> Is this reasonable? could I be doing something wrong? It just doesn't
> make sense.
> Both, btw, compared badly to serializing a similar message with thePHPJSON 
> library, which managed to do roughly 1500 serializations per
> second. Which I would expect, as it's compiled intoPHPand not
> native.
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