Hi; I'm the author of protobuf-net, and I hope I can help you find
what is going on here...

The binary format should be compatible between platforms (that is the
point, after all). Are you able to share your OrderProto class with
me? Either here, or at marc.grav...@gmail.com. The base-64 should be
unrelated as long as it is being packed/unpacked correctly. I know of
many people using protobuf-net to communicate between both client/
server and windows/linux (mono), so it should work...

If you are transporting over a network - then one common issue is that
the protocol buffers format is not terminated; messages will bleed
into each-other unless you separate messages. You can do this using
SerializeWithLengthPrefix and DeserializeWithLengthPrefix, which
include the length of  the message and only read that much data from
the stream.

Marc Gravell
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