Using wget (a unix command -- available on Windows using Cygwin), you can
download the whole site like so:

wget -r -l inf -np -p -k
-r = Recursive
-l inf = Infinite recursion depth
-np = Don't follow links to parent directories
-p = Fetch page prerequisites (images, stylesheets, etc., even if they are
in parent directories)
-k = Rewrite links (so that they work when viewing the documents locally)

I ran this command, zipped up the contents, and placed them here:

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Alexander Pensky <> wrote:

> Really I wanted to put this into Issues as an enhancement request, but
> I couldn't figure out how...
> Would it be possible to take all the Developer Guide pages and put
> them in a tarball on the Downloads page?  Or include them into the
> source tarball?
> Currently, one can only read the docs at; having them on
> one's hard drive would come in handy when the development box has
> little or no internet access.
> >

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