Hi all,
I just updated SVN (rev 120) with a large bundle of changes recently made to
our internal copy of the code.  The easiest way to see what's new is to look
at the diff of CHANGES.txt:


Most of the changes probably won't affect most users (aside from
optimizations which silently affect you).

There are a couple obscure source-incompatible changes.  For example, C++'s
UnknownFieldSet has been redesigned for efficiency, and its interface has
changed as a result.  Most users do not use UnknownFieldSet directly, so
this is unlikely to affect many people, but if you do, then you'll need to
update your code.  Sorry -- the previous design of UnknownFieldSet was
really poor, and we saw no way around changing the API here.

The next release of protocol buffers will be version 2.1.0, possibly with
the "beta" tag like 2.0.0 had.  Given all the changes, I imagine a few bugs
have been introduced somewhere in there.  I hope to get a release candidate
out next week, followed by a real release shortly after.

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