Hi everyone,

I'm new to Protocol Buffers and have been reading up on Services and
am trying to understand how a Service functions on the server side
upon receipt of a request.  I am reading the "Services" section on the
following page 
and am somewhat confused as to how a method in this case it happens to
be Bar is called when a server receives a request message over the

I don't understand what methods need to be invoked by the server (tcp/
ip server for example) when a message is received.  The only method
that is exposed in Service that looks appropriate is the CallMethod.
By this method assumes that you already know what method in the
service you want to call as it is one of the parameters that you pass
in.  I don't see the connection between the Service class and the
server that allows the invocation of the desired method such as the
Bar method.  I guess if you have only one method in your service class
that's OK but what if you want to have several methods?


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