Can you write a small example program demonstrating your problem?  I can
then debug it.

On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 8:33 AM, <> wrote:

> PS. is there a reason the compiler turns camelCaseFields into
> noncamelcasefields, but messageNamesAreStillPreservedWithCamelCase?

Historical reasons.  In the early days of protocol buffers, there was
disagreement about the style that field names should use.  The Google C++
style guide says that field names (and their accessors) should be
lowercase-with-underscores, whereas Java users prefer camelcase.  As a
result, we ended up with .proto files using both styles.  At some point
someone decided that the generated C++ code should force field names to
lower-case to match the C++ style guide, and someone else decided that the
Java code generator should force names to camelcase to match the Java style
guide.  Eventually, we ended up standardizing on lowercase-with-underscores
for field names in .proto files, as documented in the style guide: .  The
transformation of camelcase to lowercase in the C++ code generator had to
stay for compatibility reasons.

Class names, on the other hand, use camelcase in both C++ and Java at
Google.  So we don't transform those.

I recommend following the style guide for best results.

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