Hi All,

I have a project where we are using protocol buffers (C++ variant) in
a DLL.  The project is written using Visual Studio 2008.

At the end of the compilation process (which goes well), the DLL
produced gets registered as part of a custom post-build step.

Unfortunately, this causes regsvr32 to crash. with the (partial) call
stack at the end of this message.

This call stack looks similar to the one reported by Fedor here:


Does anyone have any pointers as to why this might be happening?

The issue appears to be that the protocol buffers library is trying to
initialize some static member variables... but it's not clear to me
why this would be happening during the DLL registration process.

I've tried putting a breakpoint on the DllRegisterServer method, but
the debugger never breaks there.  I don't understand why the C run-
time startup code is being called just for DLL registration.

Any and all comments aprpeciated!


Peter K.

+ 0x5c bytes
google::protobuf::DescriptorPool::InternalBuildGeneratedFile()  +
0x285 bytes
        SP14Translator.dll!sp14::protobuf_BuildDesc_sp14_2eproto()  Line 59     
()  Line 65     C++
        SP14Translator.dll!sp14::`dynamic initializer for
'static_descriptor_initializer_sp14_2eproto_''()  Line 66 + 0x13 bytes
        msvcr90.dll!_initterm(void (void)* * pfbegin=0x10228000, void (void)
* * pfend=0x102283c8)  Line 903 C
        SP14Translator.dll!_CRT_INIT(void * hDllHandle=0x10000000, unsigned
long dwReason=0, void * lpreserved=0x00000000)  Line 315 + 0xf bytes    C
>       SP14Translator.dll!__DllMainCRTStartup(void * hDllHandle=0x10000000, 
> unsigned long dwReason=0, void * lpreserved=0x00000000)  Line 537 + 0x8 bytes 
>      C
        SP14Translator.dll!_DllMainCRTStartup(void * hDllHandle=0x10000000,
unsigned long dwReason=1, void * lpreserved=0x00000000)  Line 507 +
0xe bytes       C

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