On May 4, 12:48 pm, Kenton Varda <ken...@google.com> wrote:
> Sorry I don't have any ideas.  FWIW, the initialization code has changed
> drastically since the last release -- a lot of things are now initialized
> lazily, so startup is a lot lighter -- so you might try grabbing the code
> from SVN and seeing if it works any better.  I'm hoping to do a release this
> week.

OK, there seems to be projects called "gtest" and "gtest_main" that
are in the solution file, but don't seem to be in the repo.

However, compiling the .lib files from the latest SVN image, and using
these .lib files and the associated headers with my project seems to
avert the problem.

Thanks!  I look forward to the release; I realize these things are
fraught with peril.


Peter K.

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