Would it be possible to remove this from common.h?

Since common.h is indirectly included from all generated code, this
basically means that if you use any protobuf related classes in a
header file (for example, a private member function that returns an
enum), common.h must be indirectly visible from the header file, and
as such any cpp file that includes this header file.  In my case, I
was including one of the generated files in StdAfx.h in windows, which
is for precompiled headers, meaning that I was essentially using
namespace std for my entire project.

It even has a comment in the code that says "This is bad kids, don't
do this at home" ;-)   I manually went through and modified the code
and qualified all the references with std::, but this is still not
ideal, as I'll have to do it again when I upgrade the protobuf
version.  Luckily the generated code qualifies its references with
std::, otherwise I'd have been really screwed.
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