I don't know much about protobuf-c specifically, but my guess is that it's
saying that it saw a tag with fixed64/sfixed64/double type that did not have
8 bytes after it -- i.e. the input was cut off in the middle of the value.
 Probably what is happening is your message is being cut short in transit.
 Try examining the exact bytes on both the sending and receiving end to see
if anything has been lost.

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 12:29 PM, Peter K. <koots...@gmail.com> wrote:

> We are using protocol buffers in an embedded application.
> On the server side (protobuf-c), we are getting the error "too short
> after 64 bit wire type".
> On the client side (VC++, modified to read the protobuf-c
> implementation) we get a received packet, but it seems to be zero
> bytes long.
> The error seems to come from protobuf-c.c:
>        case PROTOBUF_C_WIRE_TYPE_64BIT:
>          if (rem < 8)
>            {
>              UNPACK_ERROR (("too short after 64bit wiretype at offset
> %u",
>                             (unsigned)(at-data)));
>              goto error_cleanup_during_scan;
>            }
>          tmp.len = 8;
>          break;
> But I'm not sure what it is telling us!
> Any pointers appreciated!
> >

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