Indeed. Python performance is quite low according to my tests.
Definitely workable for small objects, although very slow for larger
structures. When comparing to C++ or Apache Thrift python bindings on
the same datastructure (basically a 2D array of strings @ >10MB) we
saw several orders of magnitude difference, both serializing and

This was on Python 2.4. I'm sure it's faster on 2.6.

An alternate set of python bindings to the C++ interface would be a
lovely thing.

Daniel Lundin

On May 15, 4:21 pm, Nicholas Reid <> wrote:
> Have there been any recent developments on the Python C
> implementation? I'd be more than happy to run a prototype through its
> paces for testing purposes and provide feedback - it would be great to
> have closer-to-C++ speeds in a Python environment.

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