Hi Jon,

Is there any news on Silverlight ? We are approaching to SL3 release
and it would be great if we have a working protobuf library for SL.


On May 30, 12:22 pm, Jon Skeet <sk...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Just a quick update on the C# port of the Java code 
> (athttp://code.google.com/p/protobuf-csharp-port/)
> I've just done a bit of work to get the C# code in line with the 2.1
> release, with the exception of the RPC changes (which I need to take a
> closer look at). There are a number of things I'd like to look at, and
> I'd appreciate a little community guidance in terms of what others
> would really like to see. Things I've been thinking about:
> - Improving the benchmarking framework to allow benchmarking scripts
> (work already in progress)
> - Implementing a DLR dynamic message builder (which I'll probably do
> anyway as it'll be a useful example for the 2nd edition of my C#
> book :)
> - Getting it all to build and run on Mono 2.4 (Windows and Linux? Just
> Linux?)
> - Adding a feature to protoc to allow .proto files to express imports
> which shouldn't produce dependencies (so that you can use the C#
> options without it affecting generation of C++/Java code)
> - Using protoc with P/Invoke from protogen so that code generation is
> a one-step process
> - More/better documentation (including polishing the XML documentation
> in the code itself)
> - Binary distributions
> - Assembly versioning
> - Considering moving the code into the Google distribution (as
> requested inhttp://code.google.com/p/protobuf/issues/detail?id=102)
> At the moment Protocol Buffers are more "spare time" work than "20%
> time" work due to new 20% projects, and I'd like to use my time as
> effectively as possible - so if anyone would like to offer any
> thoughts on how I might prioritise this (or any other features) I'd
> really appreciate it.
> Jon
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