Actually I had sent you some small changes on the library to make it
compile in SL:

-SortedLists are not implemented in SL2 so i used a similar method
"SortedDictionnary" which i found while googling.
-Regex performance parameter RegexOptions.Compiled is also missing. So
i dropped them.
-Encoding.UTF8.GetString requires index and size parameters so i
filled when that method is used.
-BitConverter.Int64BitsToDouble --> Convert.ToDouble (Hope there is no
complications on this)
-BitConverter.DoubleToInt64Bits --> Convert.ToUInt64 (Hope there is no
complications on this)
-ToLowerInvariant --> ToLower
-ToUpperInvariant --> ToUpper

Than you answered as

•       SortedDictionary should be fine instead of SortedList - although
I'll have a look at the exact code, as we may be able to get away with
something lighter.
•       RegexOptions.Compiled should probably be based on a compile-time
symbol then - it's useful when it's available!
•       Encoding.UTF8.GetString sounds like it'll be fine as-is
•       BitConverter for floating point values becoming Double - no, this
won't work. BinaryReader may work instead; I'll see what I can do
•       ToLowerInvariant/ToUpperInvariant - the better fix here is to use
ToLower(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) (and likewise for ToUpper)

Although those modifications had worked for me (at least just for my
trials), it's not solid.

Can you tell me what you will need in the sample project? A full test
suite or just some serialize and deserialize?

On Jun 6, 11:14 pm, Jon Skeet <> wrote:
> On Jun 6, 1:29 pm, ualtinok <> wrote:
> > Is there any news on Silverlight ? We are approaching to SL3 release
> > and it would be great if we have a working protobuf library for SL.
> I haven't looked at Silverlight at all, I'm afraid... but if that
> would be a useful thing for you, I'd be willing to at least have a
> short hack at it to try to gauge how much effort would be required.
> If you have a sample Silverlight project which I could use to get
> going quickly (so I don't have to start learning Silverlight from
> scratch just for what may be a few tweaks!) that would be really
> helpful.
> Jon
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