On Jun 7, 2:24 pm, ualtinok <ufukalti...@gmail.com> wrote:


> Although those modifications had worked for me (at least just for my
> trials), it's not solid.

Solid in what sense? Do you run into problems, or you're just not
confident in them?

> Can you tell me what you will need in the sample project? A full test
> suite or just some serialize and deserialize?

A very small sample Silverlight project I can load up in Visual Studio
and debug into, which tries to serialize and deserialize in the way
that you'd expect to in your real code.

I think the normal test suite should cover most of the changes (and
now you've reminded me I'll try to push the simpler ones into source
control) but I'm concerned that even when I get it to compile, I could
do with actually running things under Silverlight - and not having any
experience of that, a sample project will probably help.


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