Thank you, upgrading to 0.11 cleared that right up :)

  - Dominik Steenken

daveb schrieb:
> well, my diagnosis on the test code situation was largely wrong.  i
> still think there is a problem detecting protoc... but the real issue
> is a change in the UnknownFields api.  I think i read about it... but
> I forgot that it would throw off my test code, whoops.  fortunately
> dcreager provided a patch, which is applied in the latest protobuf-c,
> the recently released 0.11.
> - dave
> On Jun 10, 3:04 pm, daveb <lahike...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well, you really have too different problems... the test code isn't
>> working basically because of some sort of configure issue.  I don't
>> know why but configure isn't finding your "protoc" program (it uses
>> protoc b/c it generates c++ code to compare the packed data with the c
>> code's packed data)... apparently there's some incompatibility between
>> the generated code in the protobuf-c tarball and the protobuf library
>> you are using.
> >

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