On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 11:44 -0700, jonme...@yahoo.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to the Protocol Buffer community and am evaluating it for a
> project I am working on. The project I am working on has a common code
> base that runs on both on a Windows PC as well as an embedded target
> we have developed running Linux (using Poco library for platform
> dependent code). I would like to use the C++ implementation of
> protobuf for both targets as they both are written using C++ but am
> concerned over what I hear about how big the protobuf library is. The
> embedded target in question has an SD card for code space storage
> (about 256MB) and 128MB of RAM. Should I immediately rule out the C++
> implementation and use the C implementation? Has anyone else used the C
> ++ implementation for an embedded target that has a generous memory
> footprint and CPU speed (~180mHz)?

Depending on what else you need resources for and what you are doing, I
think you can work with the C++ library. On my system, libprotobuf.so is
5.1MB WITH DEBUG SYMBOLS (and I did not build it optimized for size). I
tried stripping out the debug symbols, and that shrunk it down to 1.1MB.
As long as you can use the shared library, you pay that penalty only
once. If you need libprotoc.so, that adds another 3.9MB (again, with
debug symbols), and even then you are under 10MB. Assuming your OS is
reasonbly smart about paging in only the needed bits, I think you should
be fine.


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