I haven't tried it myself yet, but I believe it can generically dump any 
protobuf message (with no field names, and some ambiguity about types 
that share wire encodings), or if you give it a .proto file it can dump 
field names and accurate data types.

Jeremy Leader

Jon M wrote:
> Hello,
> I am evaluating using Protocol Buffers for objects that are shared
> across a distributed system. One key thing I would like is a way to
> look at these objects "on the wire" by sniffing the IP traffic in my
> network. Traditionally, we have written custom decoders for sniffers
> such as Wireshark/Ethereal to decode packets of our custom protcols
> into something human-friendly. Does anyone know if there is some sort
> of decoders for the Protocol Buffer encoding scheme? What have others
> done to view network traffic encoded using Protocol Buffers?
> Thanks,
> Jon

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