You can use UnknownFieldSet, but be warned that the interface for that class
is likely to change in a future version (because the current design is
somewhat inefficient).  If you just want to print the contents, you should
be fine -- just parse into an UnknownFieldSet and then call its toString()
method.  Those parts won't change.
On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 7:46 AM, Toph <> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I understand that protocol buffers messages are not fully self-
> describing.
> However, the message contains the field number, wire type, and value,
> right?
> In Java, how can I take a byte[] (array of bytes) that represents a
> message and deserialize it into a list of tuples that contain the
> field number, wire type, and value?  I really just want to print out
> these tuples, even if the value is binary.
> Do any of the classes i the Java API provide a mechanism to do this?
> I know I could just take the documentation of the encoding and write
> code myself, but I am hoping that one of the API classes exists in a
> usable or near-usable form to do this for me.  Will CodedInputStream
> do it?  Can I use any of the parseFrom() or mergeFrom() methods?
> Note that I do not have the corresponding .proto file in source form,
> compiled form, or available to transmit along with any messages
> Thanks
> >

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