Protobuf-c has a small bit in its test-suite that uses protobuf's c++
binding to generate packed versions of several messages that are
compared with c binding packed data.

I'm almost tempted to get rid of these fragile tests b/c they are such
a build annoyance.  But I'm going to try to keep them just to make
certain testing easier (e.g. packed-repeated will be much easier to
validate if i can test c v c++ directly).

Anyways, the latest build issue is this mystifying bug report on
freebsd (i have no idea if the OS is relevant really).

Since I don't have a freebsd box convenient i can't reproduce, which
means i am stuck guessing from the bug report.

The crash occurs in the static initializers (see backtrace in the bug

My best guess is that static initializers in protobuf and the
generated code need to be run in a certain order (ie generated code
before libprotobuf, or maybe vice versa), and that isn't happening in
this user's environment.

Any ideas?
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