I'm using protoc as the raw .proto parser for protobuf-net (I then
process the compiled binary for code-generation); at the moment, it is
very sensitive about line endings - if it isn't LF, it won't work.

This creates a bit of a nag for Windows users, as you have to go out
of your way to get the right line endings. I could patch the input
files, but that gets very tricky if the user is importing multiple
other files (with the wrong line endings) into their proto - and it
means that their CRLF files wouldn't work fully interoperably.

I have no idea how complex it would be, but is there any chance that
protoc could be less choosy about line endings?

For now, I've added some code to protobuf-net's "protogen", so that if
protoc reports failure it checks the *known* files for CR (and advises
the user) - but this is still tricky for the import scenario.


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