Yes, this is a known bug resulting from the fact that I developed the
shutdown code on Linux rather than Windows -- this bug only exists on
Windows.  It's still not a real leak unless you are dynamically loading and
unloading the protobuf library as a DLL.  In any case, this has been fixed
in SVN and the fix will be in the next release.

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 9:05 AM, Alex Black <> wrote:

> I'm using a memory leak detection tool (ms crtdbg).  It runs at the
> end of the program (after main has exited), and is reporting 7 40byte
> leaks, each of which corresponds to a new call in GoogleOnceType,
> they're each one of these two:
> GoogleOnceType::GoogleOnceType() {
>  // internal_ may be non-NULL if Init() was already called.
>  if (internal_ == NULL) internal_ = new
> void GoogleOnceType::Init(void (*init_func)()) {
>  // internal_ may be NULL if we're still in dynamic initialization
> and the
>  // constructor has not been called yet.  As mentioned in once.h, we
> assume
>  // that the program is still single-threaded at this time, and
> therefore it
>  // should be safe to initialize internal_ like so.
>  if (internal_ == NULL) internal_ = new GoogleOnceInternal;
>  EnterCriticalSection(&internal_->critical_section);
>  if (!initialized_) {
>    init_func();
>    initialized_ = true;
>  }
>  LeaveCriticalSection(&internal_->critical_section);
> }
> I *am* calling google::protobuf::ShutdownProtobufLibrary(); at the end
> of my Main routine (i.e. before the memory leak detection is done).
> Are these real leaks? Is there any way I can avoid seeing them as
> leaks (it'd be nice to have 0 leaks... :)
> - Alex
> >

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