I'm trying to do some work using dynamic message, working from a
FileDescriptorSet produced by protoc. The heuristic I've come up with is
something like:
Parse the binary in to a FileDescriptorSet
for each FileDescriptorProto in the set
    create the FileDescriptor from the FileDescriptorProto
    invoke FindMessageTypeByName on the FileDescriptor
    if I got a non-null answer, break from the loop
If I have no Descriptor ant this point, FAIL
Create a DynamicMessageFactory.
Get a Message by invoking GetPrototype on the message factory, while passing
the Descriptor

YEAH! We can now use the Message to parse new messages.

This seems fairly involved. Am I doing the right thing or is there an easier
way to do it? If not, does it make sense to maybe add methods to
FileDescriptorSet to simplify this (something like:


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