thank you very much for the ideas. Since i will have a unknowable ammount
of Message types, extensions would be the way to go.
Your were right with the assumption that i use Java.

The "construct and send that message" stuff is not the problem, the main
problem is, how i should parse the incoming ByteBuffer (or byte[]).
I just cant figure out how i would be able to access the packets type.
What im guesing now is, that since i will only send "Packet" messages (to
stick to the threads examples) in the future, my lib will know that it only
needs to deal with that "wrapper" type. From that i will access the payload
using the extension methods?

so the decoder part will work like this:
- get byte array from wire
- parse that data with the Packet-message types builder
- now we have a Packet-object with the header fields set and the payload as
- extract the payload object
- push it to the appropriate handler

But how exactly this would work with the above example? Is the "type" then
transmitted as string?

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