In Java I introduced methods called writeDelimitedTo(),
parseDelimitedFrom(), and mergeDelimitedFrom() in version 2.1.0.  These read
and write messages which are prefixed with the message size, thus allowing
multiple messages to be written to one stream without any external
delimiter.  As one or two people have pointed out, these aren't quite useful
in their current form because the parse/merge methods do not give any way to
detect EOF.
So, I want to change the interface.  I think the ideal interface would have
mergeDelimitedFrom() returning a boolean which is false on EOF (currently it
returns a Builder -- itself -- to allow chaining), and praseDelimitedFrom()
should probably return NULL on EOF.

The question is, should I just change these methods in-place or should I
introduce new methods with the new behavior?  If I change them in-place,
there's a chance it will break someone.  However, since the current methods
aren't actually very useful without this change, I'm not sure if I need to
worry about breaking anyone -- why would anyone be using a non-useful method

Any opinions?  Is anyone using these methods currently?

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