I have a following use case and I'm not sure what will be the best way to go.

I have a relatively complex protobuf message that I'm using in my application. 
It should be correctly initialized my application to works.

The problem I have is that the information that makes this complete message is 
provided from several different sources. I have no control over them (how much 
and what information they will provide). The only requirement is at the end 
after all of the information is collected from all of the sources the message 
is full. The sources will have priorities so if there are overlaps of the 
information the information from the source with high priority will be used.

What most probably I need is:
1. How to serialize parts from the message without validation
2. How to combine two parts. Or how to parse second part which may overlap some 
of the already existing parts

Any other ideas?


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