This is something I intended to do with descriptor sets but haven't had
time.  Basically I think you should be able to specify descriptor set files
in the place of directories in the import path (with -I).  You are the first
person to comment on it.  :)
Implementing this will require some refactoring in the way input paths are
set up.  Currently the compiler constructs a single
SourceTreeDescriptorDatabase which parses files from a DiskSourceTree, where
DiskSourceTree is designed to scan multiple directories.  The way I should
have designed this is to have each SourceTreeDescriptorDatabase read from a
single directory, and then use a MergedDescriptorDatabase to combine several
of these.  That way, you could insert other kind of DescriptorDatabases in
between source directories.  In the case of a FileDescriptorSet, you'd use a

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Omnifarious <> wrote:

> I notice that protoc can produce a nice descriptor set file and it
> also has options to decode protobuf messages and will helpfully label
> them for you if you give it the appropriate .proto file and message
> type.  But it won't helpfully label them for you if you give it a
> descriptor set file, even though that file contains enough information
> to do so.  Is this planned as a future feature?
> Thanks,
> --
> Eric Hopper
> >

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