I have an application that already has a ton of Soap web services that
basically serve up JPA entities. I use this to communicate data to a
Silverlight application.

Soap is horribly slow, one of our messages is 10MB!!! The equivalent
protobuf message is 300K! I'm looking for an easy way to start using
PBs instead of Soap. From what I've gathered so far, it would
basically require a re-write to convert to conventional PB messages
and services as there is, to my knowledge, no automatic conversion
between Java beans and java PB messages.

I've looked in to the protobuf-net project. This project supports
arbitrary object serialization, and does so extremely quickly. I can't
find anything similar for Java.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm considering writing an
extension to the Java protobuf package to allow for protobuf-net-like
on the fly serialization of Java beans. Would anyone else find this

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