Part of the problem here is that I can't think of a clean way to do it
that doesn't go mad with boxing, or losing struct changes. I'm
guessing that for xna you have mutable structs, so immutability isn't
necessarily an issue, but then I need lots of "ref" instead... Fun...

Also; note that the CF version has some... "quirks" at the moment for
complex models; there is a plan to address this, but it is a lot of
work. The problem seems to be in inherent limitation of CF and


On Aug 18, 3:57 pm, martin <> wrote:
> Damn that's a shame, I need to minimise allocations in my current
> system (it's networking for games, and I eventually plan to port it to
> the Xbox using XNA, and the xbox GC isn't so great)
> THanks for the help Marc
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