Oliver Jowett wrote:

>> #4  0x00002b85e3ffb67a in google::protobuf::internal::ReflectionOps::Merge 
>> (fr...@0x262e320, to=0x268f0e0) at ./google/protobuf/message.h:311
>> #5  0x000000000071dc4a in protobuf_unittest::ComplexOpt6::MergeFrom 
>> (this=0x268f0e0, fr...@0x262e320) at 
>> google/protobuf/unittest_custom_options.pb.cc:3753
>> #6  0x00002b85e3fa844e in 
>> google::protobuf::internal::ExtensionSet::MergeFrom (this=0x268f048, 
>> other=<value optimized out>) at google/protobuf/extension_set.cc:644
>> #7  0x00002b85e3fdf191 in google::protobuf::MessageOptions::MergeFrom 
>> (this=0x268f040, fr...@0x268a530) at google/protobuf/descriptor.pb.cc:4732

> The difference in behaviour is in this bit of generated code:
>> void MessageOptions::MergeFrom(const ::google::protobuf::Message& from) {

Sorry, wrong bit of code. The MessageOptions::MergeFrom in the
stacktrace is actually the "const MessageOptions &from" variant. It
looks like it's actually ComplexOpt6::MergeFrom that differs in
behaviour with RTTI off.


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