Some things I forgot to mention:
-working on Slackware Linux platform
-did text search for DeserializeWithLengthPrefix() and haven't found
any header or code files with this method
-was able to find lots of serializing methods in message.h but that
same header file doesn't contain any methods starting with Deserialize
-message.h doesn't contain declaration for SerializeWithLengthPrefix
().  This function doesn't seem to be declared anywhere in any code or
header file.

On Aug 24, 3:54 pm, Jay Thomas <> wrote:
> Hello
> I am looking for a way to serialize/deserialize with length prefix
> under c++.  The serialized bytes will sent to a TCP socket.  I am
> aware that C# has a method SerializeWithLengthPrefix() and
> DeserializeWithLengthPrefix().  Are there any such analogous methods
> for C++? Please point out any documentation that I may have missed
> here.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> Jay
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