I'm using eclipse (3.5) on a large project using protobuf v2.1.0, and
I'm encountering tons of strange Eclipse java compiler error on every
protobuf java generated code.

All the errors looks like this one:

The method mergeFrom(Message) is ambiguous for the type

The method mergeDelimitedFrom(InputStream, ExtensionRegistry) is
ambiguous for the type Bot.PBBot.Builder

I see this error for every parseFrom, and or Builder mergeFrom of every

Now, what gets more strange is that if I compile manually those files
with an ant javac task, they do compile fine, so it's an Eclipse
compiler issue.

I tested with 2.2.0, and have the same issue.

It looks like Issue 115 to me, but reversed:

Any idea on how to solve the issue?
Brice Figureau
My Blog: http://www.masterzen.fr/

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