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> Here's the info I'm looking for:
> 1. Is there a specification document more formal/detailed than
> http://code.google.com/apis/protocolbuffers/docs/encoding.html ?

No.  AFAIK there are no details missing from that document, though I can see
where someone might be more comfortable with something more formal.

> 2. Does PB take inspiration from or base itself on any other
> formats? I don't think so, but just need to double-check.

Not as far as I know.

> 3. Can PB store relational data? (i.e. can serialized objects have
> "pointers" to other objects in the same "file"?)

This is normally accomplished by storing integers or other keys in the PB
which are defined by the application as being keys into some table, but the
PB implementation itself is not aware of such relations.

> Also, any help filling out the row for PB in the "Comparison of binary
> formats" table in the article would be much appreciated.

It looks correct to me.

It would be neat to somehow work in speed and size comparisons but obviously
pretty complicated because it depends on the type of information being
encoded and the implementation being used.  You could refer to:


Though it is Java-only right now (and protobuf's greatest strength is C++).

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