On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 08:13, jayt0...@gmail.com <jayt0...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am having trouble accessing many members of my .proto file.  It
> seems that compound members are not accessible with set_() method
> calls.  I saw in your example code the use of mutable_() calls. What
> does this apply to and is there documentation on it? could this be the
> solution to my problem?

You should describe your problem more closely, it is not quite clear
what you mean.

If you have a message Bar, that contains a message Foo, say:

message Foo {
   optional int32 value = 1;

message Bar {
   optional Foo foo = 1;

you would access 'foo' to set a value with
   Bar message;
If there is no 'foo', it will implicitly be created (so has_bar() will
return 'true' afterwards').

.. while accessing can be const
   if (message.has_foo())
      printf("%d", message.bar().value());

But it sounds like you would like to 'set' a complete Foo message. So
if you want to 'set' a complete Foo, you would use CopyFrom()
  Foo foo_message;

  Bar bar_message;


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