Is there an appropriate landing page discussing your protobuf features which
I could link to?  I don't like linking people directly to source code, but
your home page does not mention protocol buffers, so linking there could be

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 7:19 AM, yura <> wrote:

> ive written a way for j2me apps to be able to serialise objects and
> send messages using Protocol Buffers if anyone is interested
> basic java object serialisation, thats everything like Double, String
> Vector, Hashtable, check out:
> svn co
> UtilME
> the CodeGen for reading in the proto file and matching them to Java
> Objects
> svn co
> ToolsME
> the CodeGen will only generate one file, that has everything needed to
> read and write all the messages in the proto file, if it can not find
> on the classpath a java object that will correspond to a particular
> message, it will then use a hashtable for that message, this is useful
> on j2me when u want to limit the number of classes you have. and yet
> to the server, it will still look like a normal Protocol Buffers
> message
> this is part of a project called SwingME
> >

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