On Oct 27, 12:46 am, Evan Jones <ev...@mit.edu> wrote:
> On Oct 24, 2009, at 13:46 , Michael <michael...@hmamail.com> wrote:
> > It good becuase it allows you to record positions in message streams
> > for inplace editing of things like transaction id, and inplace
> > persitience of parts of messages without the need for a byte copy.
> I'm confused about how you are going to do an in place update. Since  
> protocol buffers are variable length, wouldn't this fail in many  
> cases? But I get being able to pull out parts of messages without a  
> copy.

Yes, but proto-buf have fixed32 and fixed64. I would have to use
fixed64 for a id for this to work, but an extra 6-7 bytes in big
message is worth the effort compared to serializing and de-serializing.
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