sansun08 wrote:
> I have written a client server application in java. The client
> application upload's huge files to the server via http. Will protobuf
> be helpful in improving the speed of uploads. To be more precise, does
> it compress binary data(A class containing a byte array of size 256k
> and few more sting fields. Will this be a good candidate for protobuf
> serialization.). Based on the documents, I do see that protobuf does
> encoding, but I also get an impression that it is efficient only in
> the case of object serialization of complex class structures. Is my
> understanding right?

Are you using Java serialization? If so, protocol buffers are almost 
certainly going to take up less space on the wire, due to the "extra" 
stuff Java serialization needs to do. If you have written your own code 
to write the data, protocol buffers would probably be slightly larger. 
However, you also get benefits like being able to change the messages in 
backwards compatible ways, or interfacing with different languages.

If you just have binary data and text strings, you probably want to 
consider gzipping your data.


Evan Jones

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