I'm using  the following idiom
 ZeroCopyOutputStream* raw_output = new FileOutputStream(fd);
 CodedOutputStream* coded_output = new CodedOutputStream(raw_output);

The format i'd like is uint64_t, followed by data1, followed by data2.
I write a 0 for the uint64_t, write the data1, record the bytes written
(B), then write data2.
I'd like to seek to the beginning of the file and change the uint64_t
val (which was 0 ) to B.
(data2 is updated much more frequently than data1)

It appears codedoutputstream doesn't have a seek, so I'm thinking ,
after the above steps
a) deleting the CodedOutputStream and Zero...
b) seek on the fd, and update the value.

Does this sound right?

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