Hello all;

I need to serialize a protobuf message to a string so that it can be
passed outside my program.  The below fails, I'm guessing due to UTF8
encoding issues:

byte[] arr = msg.toByteArray();
String str = new String(arr);
// ... pass str around ...
MsgType msg2 = MsgType.parseFrom(str.getBytes()); // <-- throws

So, reading the API, I thought I should use ByteStrings, with their
handy UTF8 encoding methods, but this doesn't work either:

ByteString bs = msg.toByteString();
String str = bs.toStringUtf8();
// ... pass str around ...
ByteString bs2 = ByteString.copyFromUtf8(str);
MsgType msg2 = MsgType.parseFrom(bs2); // <-- Still throws exception

What am I doing wrong?  What's the best way to do java string
serialization of protobuf messages?

Thanks in advance,



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