should have done a bit more searching first.

looks like the solution may look like this:

* run configure with --prefix set to the target folder,
  and with --disable-shared specified to trigger static linking.

* make clean

* make install

and there you have a portable version of protoc !

sorry for the spam,
hopefully this will help someone in the future. in the future!


On Nov 25, 5:25 pm, elenzil <> wrote:
> Howdy!
> apologies in advance if i ask something meaningless.
> we have a number of dev-boxes on osx and linux,
> and would like to simply compile protoc for each platform and include
> it as part of our project repository,
> rather than installing it up in the root /usr/local folder.
> this should simplify the build process for new engineers, and avoid
> having to sudo.
> is this feasible ?
> my approach was going to be to make install to a local folder and then
> copy that folder into our repo.
> however when using the --prefix option to ./configure, eg:
> ./configure --prefix="/tmp/myLocalFolder/protobuf"
> and then doing make install,
> i get the error
> "libtool: install: error: cannot install `' to a directory
> not ending in /usr/local/lib".
> am i attempting something impossible / meaningless / ignorant ?
> tia,
> Orion


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