Given that there is no Java version of protoc, it has been tempting to see
how far one can get with just using FileDescriptorSet's and dynamic
messages. I ended up building this short function for iteratively adding all
the dependencies of a particular Message in to a FileDescriptorSet. While it
wasn't too much pain, it was a tad annoying, and I am wondering why this
kind of functionality isn't built in to the Java API. Here's what I ended up

     * Get the entire descriptor set needed to describe a message in
     * dependency order.
     * @param aMessage the message to inspect
     * @return a complete descriptor set containing all the elements needed
to parse this message

    static FileDescriptorSet getDescriptorSetFor(final Message aMessage) {
        final FileDescriptor file =
        final List<FileDescriptor> fileDescriptors = new

        //Don't use an iter as we intend to keep looping until the list
        //stops growing
        for (int i = 0; i < fileDescriptors.size(); ++i) {
            final FileDescriptor nextElement = fileDescriptors.get(i);
            for (FileDescriptor dependency : nextElement.getDependencies())
                if (!fileDescriptors.contains(dependency)) {

        final FileDescriptorSet.Builder builder =
        for (FileDescriptor descriptor : fileDescriptors) {

Is this really the right way to handle this, and if so, any chance we can
get this built in to the protobuf library?



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