I'm trying to rebuild a message editor for a game engine using
protocol buffers.  Currently we are using an XML template to describe
the message type and XML to store the message.  I like the protocol
buffer language ( .proto files ) as well as the memory and performance
advantages over XML.

The tricky part is the message editor.  The message editor tool needs
1) parse all .proto files for the game
2) present the user with a input form for a selected message type
3) build a protocol message
4) save the message to disk for the game to load.

The property editor doesn't know about any message types at compile
time.  The game knows about all message types at compile time.  For
the message editor, message types need to be dynamically generated
from .proto files.  For the game, messages are read from disk and used
to construct game objects and populate the world.

>From other discussions, I've read this is possible but not obvious
with protocol buffers.

Could you please explain in specific terms how to parse a bunch
of .proto files from disk into message types at runtime?  How do I
parse .proto files on-the-fly?



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