We are currently using protobuf on our project and it is great, but
there are a few things we are needing to do manually which seem like
they could be easily code generated and supported natively by the
protobuf objects.  Any chance of the following features being added
in?  (Or maybe they're already in and I just don't realize it..)

1)  Comparison function.  operator== function for C++, compareTo for
Java.  We use protobuf objects as our underlying object store since
our application is just a means of exporting data from an underlying
library.  We read data in from that library, put it directly into
protobufs, and then send it off.  However, we need to be able to
easily determine if the data changed between calls to the underlying
library.  Having an operator== function would solve this for us.  It
seems like this would be useful to others as well.

2)  Helper function for enums to go to and from string (similar to how
the new Java-style enums allow you to call valueOf to go from String
to Enum, and toString to go from Enum to String).  This would be
extremely useful for us to have the capability in C++, and it seems
like this could be very easily code-generated.



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