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On Dec 13, 6:18 am, Kenton Varda <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I've mentioned a couple times in other threads, last weekend I wrote up a
> simple RPC system based on Protocol Buffers which treats services as
> capabilities, in the sense of capability-based security.
> Essentially what this means is that you can construct a service
> implementation and then embed a reference to it into an RPC message sent to
> or from some other service.  So, for instance, if a client wants a server to
> be able to make calls back to the client, it can simply send the server a
> reference to a service implemented by the client.  Or, for another example,
> a service which acts as a resource broker could grant a client access to a
> particular resource by sending it a reference to a service object
> representing that resource, to which the client can then make calls.  Note
> that a particular service object cannot be accessed over a particular
> connection until that service object has actually been sent in an RPC over
> that connection.  This property is useful for security, as described in the
> above link.
> In any case, the project is called Captain Proto and can be found here:
> Currently it only has Java support, though I hope it will eventually support
> other languages as well.  The wire protocol is itself defined in terms of
> protocol buffers:
> There is basic documentation here:
> You can also look at the test for an example:
> I expect the API to change quite a bit, so be warned that if you write code
> based on it, that code will have to change at some point.
> Future hopes/plans:
> - Improve API by taking advantage of code generator plugins.
> - Define a standard "ServiceDirectory" service which can serve as the
> default service on servers that export multiple services.  The directory
> would have a method like Open() which takes the name of some particular
> service and returns a reference to the corresponding service object.
> - Provide a library of capability design pattern implementations, e.g. the
> revocable membrane.
> - Define a capnproto-over-HTTP protocol which can be used by AJAX clients.
> - Support C++ and Python.
> For the time being, this is not an official Google project.  It's just
> something I wrote for fun -- or, more accurately, to support some other fun
> stuff that I want to work on.  That said, due to the obviously wide
> applicability, I might try to make it more official at some point.


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