> I wish I could pass a builder object to a method and have the method
> modify either a value of the builder or a value of a sub-message in
> the builder!
> I came across this thread, which described exactly the problem I have.
> The Car/Engine example in the thread is perfectly illustrative of my
> scenario.
> http://groups.google.com/group/protobuf/browse_thread/thread/1699791071e92c83/fc77205a755721f0
> Has anyone else been in this same situation? What have you done to
> ameliorate the problem?

Generally speaking, I use non-PB model objects as my primary in-memory
representation, and then I serialize them on demand to get the PB
representation when I need it.  For instance, something like:

public class Engine {
  private String make;
  private double volumeLiters;
  public EnginePb serialize() {

public class Car {
  private Engine engine;
  private String make;
  private String name;
  public CarPb serialize() {

- Adam


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