> > But more difficult is comments like this:
> >   // Blah blah blah here is a list:
> >   // * blah blah blah
> >   // * blah blah blah blah
> >   // * blah blah
Hmm.  Javadoc would let you encode lists as <ul> <li> ... <li> ... </
ul> which would be nice, though I suppose not critical.  Seems that
you could just pass the html through, though.

> Garbage in, garbage out ;) So you would get a multi-line comment with
> a different number of whitespaces in front of each line (maybe with
> the common number of whitespaces (i.e. one) removed from all of them,
> as suggested above).


Not to repeat my other message, but @param @return etc. are important
things for the accessors/setters/etc.  Otherwise this won't be able to
generate documentation that IDEs will find useful.  Documenting
private fields is of limited use, IMO. and in a lot of cases aren't
even translated to the final documentation.


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