Comment #5 on issue 152 by rktoomey: Maven Protoc Plugin fails when a jar file contains a .proto file (FileNotFoundException)

The stupidest thing that could possibly work - edit
AbstractProtocMojo.makeProtopathFromJars method to produce a viable Windows filepath by replacing all occurrences of ":" in the classpathJarName with "_" as follows:

ImmutableSet<File> makeProtopathFromJars(
                File temporaryProtoFileDirectory, Iterable<File> 
                throws IOException
        for (JarEntry jarEntry : list(classpathJar.entries()))
                final String jarEntryName = jarEntry.getName();
                if (jarEntry.getName().endsWith(PROTO_FILE_SUFFIX))
String sanitizedClasspathJarName = classpathJar.getName().replace(":", "_"); final File uncompressedCopy = new File(new File(temporaryProtoFileDirectory,
sanitizedClasspathJarName), jarEntryName);
copyStreamToFile(new RawInputStreamFacade(classpathJar.getInputStream(jarEntry)),

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